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AutoTURN – Turn Simulation and Swept Path Analysis Software

Delivering the latest technology to take on the most challenging design work, AutoTURN is the vehicle swept path analysis and turn simulation software of choice for engineers, architects, and planners the world over. AutoTURN’s intelligent tools allow you to analyze vehicle maneuvers for projects such as intersections, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading bays or any on/off-street assignments involving access, clearance, and maneuverability checks.


AutoTURN Pro 3D – 3D Vehicle Turning Simulation Software

Civil and transportation engineering professionals can now model, analyze, and visualize road design in three-dimensional space with AutoTURN Pro 3D. Use the patent pending 3D swept path technology to evaluate vertical data, resolve ground clearance issues, and assess conflicts with nearby structures all together in a 3D environment.


AutoTURN InSite – Cost Effective Vehicle Simulation Software

AutoTURN InSite is a low-cost, entry-level vehicle turn simulation software for modeling basic maneuvers. With just a core feature set, AutoTURN InSite will have you up and running vehicle simulations quickly and easily without the need for extensive training.


NEXUS – Roadway Intersection Design Software

With the patent pending features in NEXUS, intersection layouts - including intersections on curves - can be generated in minutes. Using a host of intelligent tools such as vehicle turn based geometric design, capacity condition analysis, conflict point checks, sightline evaluation, conceptual grading in 3D, and dynamic editing, NEXUS takes you to another level of intersection design.


TORUS – CAD Software for the Design of Roundabouts

Take the creation of single and multilane roundabouts to another level of productivity with full control and feedback during the roundabout design process. Now designing optimal roundabouts that meet traffic operations and safety objectives has never been easier. Powered by the trusted AutoTURN engine, TORUS uses the patent pending Vehicle Envelope Method of design to generate roundabout geometry with vehicle swept paths.


ParkCAD – Advanced Parking Site Design CAD Software

Designing complete surface parking facilities maximizing parking capacity and safety requirements, has never been easier with ParkCAD. Along with enhanced parking object editing and reporting features, and supplied parking standards guidelines, you can quickly test different parking site configurations to find the ideal layout.


AviPLAN Turn – Aircraft Maneuver Simulation Essentials

With AviPLAN Turn, simulating aircraft movements has quite simply never been easier. Incorporating essential design tools and intuitive graphical interfaces, users of all experience levels can generate aircraft maneuver simulations with just a few clicks of the mouse. Properties such as swept paths, jet blast profiles, clearance areas and much more can be displayed to analyze safety and clearance compliance at runways, taxiways and other airport facilities.


AviPLAN Turn Pro – Advanced Aircraft Maneuver Simulation and Visualization

AviPLAN Turn Pro is the premier CAD software for evaluating aircraft ground maneuvers in 2D and 3D. To ensure that space and clearance requirements are met during the design of airside facilities, airport engineers and planners can not only review fundamentals such as jet blast envelopes, clearances and swept paths, but also leverage advanced features to design aircraft nose-gear and cockpit markings, convert technical analyses into dynamic presentations and export data to share with colleagues and clients.


AviPLAN Airside – Aircraft Maneuver and Parking Stand Simulation Essentials

Incorporating essential tools for airside planning, design and operations, airport planners and engineers can use AviPLAN Airside to perform aircraft and ground support vehicle simulations to check for safety and clearance requirements at runways, taxiways, stands and other airport facilities. AviPLAN Airside can also be used to evaluate and design non-contact stand positions or contact gates with a single passenger boarding bridge and lead-in line. 


AviPLAN Airside Pro – Advanced Aircraft Maneuver and Parking Stand Simulation and Visualization

AviPLAN Airside Pro is the ultimate solution for any engineer, architect, draftsperson or designer involved in the field of airside planning, design or operations. Including a comprehensive 2D and 3D object library as well as functionality for simulating airplane and vehicle turn movements, designing ground markings, analyzing taxiway fillets, planning non-contact stands or gates with single or multiple passenger boarding bridges and lead-in lines, AviPLAN Airside Pro delivers the functionality required to take on the most challenging design projects.


InVision Roads– Visualization Software for Road Design

Share your concepts more readily and professionally. Use InVision to animate, coordinate, and sequence multiple vehicle simulations; then export them to common video files for visual roadway and site design confirmation and winning presentations. For use with AutoTURN, TORUS Roundabouts, and NEXUS Intersections vehicle turning simulations and movement.


Extended Vehicle Libraries for AutoTURN

Boost the value of AutoTURN with specialized vehicles for the construction, emergency, freight, and military sectors not included in the standard national libraries (i.e. AASHTO, TAC, etc). All the extended vehicles come ready with all dimensions and specifications together so you don’t have to spend your time finding specs and creating new vehicles.


Standard Vehicle Libraries for AutoTURN InSite

Work with national standard design vehicles for AutoTURN InSite. Customize AutoTURN InSite to suite your project requirements by adding on standard vehicle libraries from the US (AASHTO), Canada (TAC), Australia (Austroads), New Zealand, and different European countries.